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Parmacotto and F.I.S.I. together for the first time

The historic Italian company symbol of the Food Valley, becomes official sponsor of the Women and Men Alpine Ski National Teams.

Milano, 18 October 2018 – Parmacotto hits the slopes with the Italian Winter Sports Federation and becomes a sponsor of the Women and Men Alpine Ski National Teams. The partnership agreement was announced during the FISI press conference scheduled this morning on the Terrazza Martini in Milano.

This year for the first time Parmacotto has decided to support the Alpine Ski national Teams, as it believes that FISI and its athletes share the same values regarding their philosophy of life. The company’s objective is to promote the tradition and excellence of the Made in Italy, and its goal is to support the principles and values of all its products: quality and focus on needs and requirements of modern consumers, aware and in tune with the principles of “healthy” and “natural”.

With “AZZURRO” Parmacotto stands by the National Teams: high quality cooked ham, with less than 25% salt compared to average. With this new product, Parmacotto expresses its growing commitment to meet the requests for wellbeing and quality, key principles for a healthy and sports oriented diet. Dressed in blue like the National team, “AZZURRO” becomes the perfect companion for all the athletes during their races and all lovers of winter sports who prefer the mountains and the snow for their holidays and weekends out of town.

Parmacotto will be present with its logo on the technical outfits of the national teams sponsored.


Parmacotto sponsor ufficiale FISI

We are happy to start a collaboration with FISI. We choose to support the Federation because they share our same values. The Federation represents us because of its young image and its desire to communicates health principles through the Italian national teams, those same principles that we are pursuing at the company. Our shared path is part of a more dynamic repositioning phase of the brand.
Andrea Schivazappa, Parmacotto CEO

Parmacotto, one of the most renowned and historic Italian companies in the manufacturing and sale of whole and sliced deli meats, is a company known all over for the utmost care dedicated to quality, and the nutritional properties of its products and its ongoing commitment to Research&Development.

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