Il Kit della Merenda by Parmacotto

Il Kit della Merenda Parmacotto is here!
A healthy and tasty snack in a safe kit, with all included and ready to eat.


Il kit della merenda is the first ever savoury and sweet snack on the market.

a bun stuffed with high quality Parmacotto cooked ham

a bun stuffed with Boschi Fratelli 100% Italian salami


A new consumption experience, guaranteed by top brands:

  • the quality of Parmacotto deli meats
  • the energy of Ritter Sport finest chocolate
  • the refreshing taste of Yoga Thé



Environment-friendly, 93% recycled paper packaging FSC-certified

Up to 4 hours outside the fridge

With a sanitising tissue inside the pack



Did you know that #IlKitDellaMerenda can be turned into a fantastic colouring bus?
Download and print the cut out here